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Laptop Replacement Battery, For HP®, Probook 4330, 4330S, 4331S, 4430, 4430S, 4431, 4431S, 4435, 4435S, 4436, 4436S, 4530, 4530S, 4535, 4535S, 6465B, Part NO. PR06, QK646AA, 633733-1A1, 633733-321, 633805-001, HSTNN-DB2R, HSTNN-DB3C, HSTNN-I02C, HSTNN-I97C-3, HSTNN-I98C-5, HSTNN-I99C-3, HSTNN-IB2R, HSTNN-LB2R, HSTNN-OB2R, HSTNN-OB2T, HSTNN-Q87C-5, HSTNN-Q88C-5, HSTNN-Q89C, 11.1V, 4400mAh, 6 Cell